GTA comedy duo land big laughs online

Two Punjabi-Canadian comedians have quickly become rising YouTube sensations, racking up millions of views on their South Asia inspired comedy videos. The duo will perform this weekend at the Punjabi International Film Festival's closing concert.

Jasmeet Singh and Rupan Bal will perform at the Punjabi International Film Festival's closing concert

Two GTA comedians have become YouTube stars with their unique brand of South Asian inspired humour. 2:05

May is South Asian Heritage Month and there are many events being held throughout Toronto all month long.

On Friday, the red carpet was rolled out for the start of the Punjabi International Film Festival, being held at the Mississauga Convention Centre.

Some of the biggest stars in South Asian cinema will be on hand for the festival, and two comedians from the GTA who have become YouTube sensations will perform at the closing concert.

Jasmeet Singh, otherwise known as “Jus-Reign,” and his partner-in-comedy, Rupan Bal, have racked up millions of views online with their unique comedic style that blends South Asian slapstick-style humour with their experiences growing up in Canada.

The CBC’s Marivel Taruc met up with the hilarious duo to talk comedy, their South Asian heritage, and what it’s like to be rising online stars.