After 25 years of faithful service, it's time to let five good friends here at the CBC enjoy their well-earned retirement.

Trusty mail-delivering robots — or mailbots, as they were affectionately coined — Rasputin, Basher, Move It or Lose It, Maze Mobile and Mom are now headed into post-employment bliss. Employees at the Canadian Broadcasting Centre will now get their mail from community boxes.

At a send-off Friday for the beloved machines, employees shared tales of having their paths blocked by the gadgets, occasionally getting side-swiped by a determined automaton, and even a visit from Santa Claus perched atop a mailbot.

Mailbot goodbye party

A note stuck on Basher reads, "Goodbye, old friend." (Gary Morton/CBC)

"We have been cornered by them, we have opened doors for them, we have seen them run into walls — now, we're saying goodbye," one employee said during the send-off.

Another exclaimed: "I was here when they were children!"

The organizer of the robot party said three museums have reached out to CBC in the hopes of acquiring a retired machine.

While employees adjust to a world without the chorus of beeps and having to readjust their paths (lest they get stuck), many have been comforted by the CBC Kids' Mailbot Song.

No word yet on whether or not actual human CBC retirees are feeling eclipsed by the mailbots.