Double-amputee golfer tees off at his 1st tournament since accident 1 year ago

Just over a year ago, Edward Urquhart lost both his legs in a motorcycle crash at a closed circuit. This week, he is the only para-athlete to compete in a tournament at Glen Abbey Golf Course in Oakville.

Getting around the golf course with prosthetic legs can be a struggle, the 28-year-old says

Edward Urquhart likens playing golf to life, saying both have 'ups and downs.' (Grant Linton/CBC News)

On July 15, 2016, Edward Urquhart lost both of his legs in a horrific motorcycle crash at a closed circuit in Hamilton. 

This week, the 28-year-old was the only para-athlete to compete at a golf tournament at Glen Abbey Golf Course in Oakville.

"I hit a wall at a high speed and on impact I lost my right leg below the knee," he said. "I was thrown into the bush off the circuit and on that second impact I lost my second leg."

Navigating the golf course on prosthetic legs is still a 'learning curve' for Urquhart. (Grant Linton/CBC News)

With a long road to recovery, getting back to his formerly active lifestyle seemed like a challenge. 

Urquhart credits his partner, family and new baby, now five months old, for helping him maintain a positive outlook on life following his accident. He says the care he received at West Park Healthcare Centre in Mount Dennis made all the difference and gave him "the push and drive to get up every morning."

The centre's prosthetic lab and inpatient rehab helped Urquhart bounce back. He likens his recovery to playing golf.

"It's like life, there are ups and downs. You might have a great hole and you're on a high and the next hole you put it in the water and you're down in the dumps," he says. "It's all about refocusing and putting up a great score."

This week, Urquhart competed in a golf tournament held by West Park Healthcare Centre at Glen Abbey Golf Course in Oakville. (Grant Linton/CBC News)

Urquhart says getting around the course can be a struggle in his prosthetic legs and that it's still a learning curve but he's hoping to get used to it. 

"Golf is all about keeping a positive outlook and maintaining balance and continuing to set goals and I think that's something I try to keep in my life now."