Passengers flying out of Pearson International Airport's Terminal 3 are experiencing delays due to technical problems with the baggage induction system, according to the Greater Toronto Airports Authority (GTAA).

"As a result, check-in for passengers is impacted. We have 15 additional staff helping load bags," Robin Smith of the GTAA told CBC Toronto Tuesday night.  

"Other service staff are also helping and we have staff on hand communicating with passengers about the issue. Staff are also handing out water to affected passengers," he said.

Many passengers were forced to wait several hours to board their flights as the luggage piled up waiting to be loaded. Some vented their frustration on social media. 

The GTAA says it doesn't know the exact number of flights that have been delayed, but it does say the induction system is working only intermittently, and staff are manually handling bags as it stops working.

Smith said it's a technical issue and has nothing to do with the ongoing labour dispute with baggage handlers employed by Swissport.

Baggage pileup

The GTAA says it doesn't know how many flights have been delayed. (Mehrdad Nazarahari/CBC News)

There's no timeline on when the issue will be resolved. The GTAA has called in a team to try to fix the problem.