Slide the City is bringing a 1,000-foot slip-and-slide to Toronto this summer. 

Last year, a massive water slide was set up in Downsview Park. 

"Usain Bolt will be green with envy once he sees how fast you can cover that much ground," the event website reads. "You can strut through town with your hot bod, cool dance moves and slick slides."

Early bird registration tickets cost between $10-45 depending on which slide you choose — the Single Slider, the Triple Slide or the Ultimate Slider.  


The 1000-foot slip-and-slide is longer than three football fields. (Slide the city)

Those who sign up must be five years old or older, be at least 117 centimetres (just under four feet) tall and bring their own inflatable tube.

Here's a look at what you can expect: