A U.S. citizen convicted of taking part in Toronto’s G20 riots back in 2010 has been sentenced to seven months in prison.

Richard Dean Morano, of Lackawaxen, Pa., one of the so-called "black bloc" protesters, was sentenced in a Toronto court Monday.

Morano will be on probation for two years and must to stay out of Toronto following his sentence.

Morano was charged with 14 counts including mischief, endangering life, assaulting a police officer with a weapon and six counts of mischief over $5,000 during the G20 protests on June 26, 2010.

Police alleged that Morano smashed a police car window with a rock while an officer was inside and broke multiple windows at various stores, coffee shops and a bank.

"He was part of a larger group that came to the city for a specific purpose and they carried out that purpose and now he's got 7 months to think about what he did," said Toronto Det. Sgt. Gary Giroux.

In addition to the time he will serve, Morano will also have to pay restitution — $1,000 to the officer that was inside the police car, plus an additional $500 to each of the businesses that were damaged.