The friend of two Toronto men shot and killed in 2008 was found dead in his home on June 13, adding another twist to what police have called a “troubling” cold case.

Oliver Martin and Dylan Ellis, both 25, were gunned down June 13, 2008 shortly after 12 a.m. while they sat in a Range Rover at Richmond and Walnut Streets, near Bathurst.

Years later, the motive for the shootings remains unclear, according to police.

A photo of the two men was released in 2009 — a cellphone image captured only three minutes before the shooting by Martin’s girlfriend who had ducked for cover in the backseat.

In 2009, Det-Sgt. Gary Giroux said the lack of motive for the shooting is "troubling" and the "most challenging.”

Andrew Gilchrist was one of the lifelong friends mourning the two, taking part in vigils on the day of their deaths every year — now the day of his death, as well. 

Gilchrist, now 31, was found dead less than two weeks ago on June 13 — six years to the day his friends were killed.

“That it lands, virtually on the very hour these two men died themselves is really quite bizarre,” Giroux said.

Ellis and Oliver were coming from Gilchrist's home the night they were killed. 

Gilchrist had called the men telling them they had forgot to give him back his keys. They were turning around to drive back when they were shot at by a man who aimed directly into their vehicle.

Police told CBC’s John Lancaster that Gilchrist was found dead in his apartment near Bathurst Street and Davenport Road from an apparent overdose.

Giroux said that he had always been completely cooperative with the investigations, but no arrests were ever made.

Police are still hoping the case could be solved if someone came forward with any key information about the shootings.