A businessman from Fort McMurray has filed a human rights complaint against Air Canada after he continues to have trouble getting through airport security even though he has been cleared by the authorities.

Mohamad Abou Shhadi, who was born in Lebanon but is now a Canadian citizen, said his problem is with both Air Canada and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

"I feel disappointed; I feel upset; I feel belittled," he said.

Abou Shhadi has lived in Fort McMurray for more than 20 years and owns a couple of jewelry stores.

A few years ago though, he was barred from getting on a flight from Vancouver to Edmonton. He's also been stopped from flying from Toronto to Cairo.

Both incidents, he says, were with Air Canada.

"I don't want to be stopped every time and interrogated and put in a two by two room for hours and hours it does not make sense," Abou Shhadi said.

He believes authorities mistakenly put him on a no fly list, but has received a clearance letter from Homeland Security.

A repeat incident happened again earlier this month when he tried to board an international flight.

Ottawa lawyer Khalid Elgazzar said he has a number of clients in the same predicament as Abou Shhadi.

"These no fly lists have a disproportionately difficult effect, or disproportionate effect on Arabs and Muslims in Canada," he said.

Elgazzar has filed a human rights complaint on behalf of Abou Shhadi against Air Canada.

The airline told CBC News it can't comment on security issues, while Homeland Security didn't respond to an interview request.