The Ford family has launched a "get well soon" website where people can write messages of support to Rob Ford as the Toronto city councillor and former mayor undergoes more cancer treatment in hospital.

As of 3:00 p.m. Monday, nearly 1,000 messages had been posted on Some include photos of people posing with Rob Ford.

Doug Ford, Coun. Ford's brother, said the family set up the website last night to enable Toronto residents to reach out to Rob.

"We would like to thank the great people of Toronto for all the support that we have received in light of Rob's recent developments with his battle against cancer," Doug Ford says on the site.

Rob Ford

Toronto residents are writing messages of support to Rob Ford as he undergoes more cancer treatment. The messages are being left on a new "get well soon" website launched by the Ford family.

"We decided to create this website to provide a venue for you to reach out to Rob and leave him a special message and/or post your pictures with him."

The website features a photo of Rob Ford and a live feed of comments.

"Keep up the good fight you have so many people cheering you on," a message from Dianne Driver left on Monday said. "One step at a time. You can win!"

A message from Jennifer Freedman reads: "I am rooting for you 1000%. I know you can do this; Toronto needs you to get back on your feet.

Former Toronto mayor Rob Ford

Rob Ford is at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto undergoing more cancer treatment. (CBC)

"I want you to know that I voted for you and Doug in the last election. Hurry up and get well; praying for you every day. All the best for the future."

Rob Ford is at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto, undergoing chemotherapy for two tumours that were discovered in the fall, his brother said.

Ford was forced to drop out of the mayoral election campaign in September 2014 after a large tumour was discovered in his abdomen. Surgeons removed the rare liposarcoma last year after Ford underwent several rounds of chemotherapy and radiation treatments to shrink it.

But the former mayor announced last October he had another tumour, and in November, Doug Ford said his brother actually had two tumours on his bladder.

Meanwhile, Ford's staff members have been looking after his constituents in Ward 2 while the councillor is in the hospital.

Dan Jacobs, chief of staff for Ford, says all staff members have been pitching in to do the work in his absence.

"As you know, people have problems and we are dealing with them as best as we can," Jacobs said.

"People can still call the office, people can still email the office. We will answer and help them. We are also going out on site if need be."

Jacobs said Doug Ford is an official volunteer at the office, and as a former Ward 2 councillor, he has represented his brother Rob at events.

Constituents have been extremely understanding and supportive while Rob Ford is away, Jacobs said.