Mayoral candidate Rob Ford says he wants to "stop the war on cars" by favouring new express buses over streetcars in places where subway lines can't be built.

"Like it or not cars are here to stay. Let's deal with it," he said in a YouTube video about his transit plan, posted on Tuesday.  "Streetcars … slow down car traffic and make congestion worse. That makes pollution worse. That makes Toronto less livable."

While his overall transportation plan focuses on expanding the subway system, he acknowledged there are places where subways can't be built affordably, such as on Eglinton Avenue. In those cases, he says would introduce new express buses, using clean technology.

"Buses are cheaper, faster and safer than streetcars. They can also be better for the environment," he said. 

Ford said one of his main priorities would be to complete the Sheppard Avenue subway line from Downsview station to the Scarborough Town Centre, adding about 12 kilometres and 10 new stations to the line by 2015.

He said the total cost of his subway expansion plan would be $4 billion, while at the same time stressing that his plan does not include any new taxes or tolls.

"My plan is to focus our money on building subways where we need them most at a rate we can afford … subways move 10 times as many people as streetcars and they are up to three times faster," he said.