Adrienne Batra. (CBC)

Adrienne Batra has resigned from her job as Mayor Rob Ford's press secretary.

Batra, who has been with Ford since before he took office, is leaving to work as a contributor with a Toronto newspaper, as well as a Toronto radio station.

In a prepared statement Ford said "Adrienne has been a vital part of our Administration and I want to thank her for her dedication ..."

The announcement comes just a day after Ford released a controversial 2012 budget proposal that calls for property tax increases, TTC fare hikes and deep cuts to the ranks of city employees.

The CBC's municipal affairs reporter, Jamie Strashin, said Batra did "an effective job of insulating the mayor" from the media.

He added that she was "able to tone [Ford} down" from his outspoken days as a city councillor.

Batra's resignation takes effect on Dec. 2.

The news release did not specify who would be replacing her.