Toronto's executive committee has delayed a decision on how to pay for improved transit in the city.

Mayor Rob Ford is not a supporter of a city manager report that floated the ideas of a gas tax, sales tax, and a parking levy as the best ways for Torontonians to pay for new transit.

"I and a couple of others won't support it," said Ford on Monday, "but I can't speak for everybody else right now."

Ford suggested there will not be a decision coming from the 13-member executive — which would prevent council from debating the proposed new revenues before the province decides.

Late Tuesday the executive voted to defer the issue until May.

"He is one member of council.  We certainly would welcome his support on this but it's city council who ultimately needs to make the decision," said Carol Wilding. president of the Toronto Region Board of Trade, which has come out in favour of the revenue tools.

In another development on Tuesday, Ford said he has asked the city manager to report back by July on a request by Porter Airlines to extend the runways at the island airport.

Porter needs approval from the city, the Port Authority and the federal government in order to extend the runways so that it can accommodate larger jets to be used for a planned service expansion.

Porter says it needs an answer from the city by this July.