Toronto couples kiss and tell about first smooches on Valentine's Day

We asked: where in Toronto did you share your first smooch with your partner?

Where in Toronto did you share your first smooch with your partner?

It started with a kiss and then, these couples just knew.

We asked: where in Toronto did you share your first smooch with your partner?

We were flooded with stories of first kisses on Toronto streets and at landmarks that are now near and dear to you.

One lucky couple will win a snazzy prize pack. We will announce the winner on Twitter on Valentine's Day!

Thank you for sharing your stories.

Submissions edited for length and clarity.

'Greg proposed at that exact same spot'

It was the kind of Tinder date dreams are made of. We decided to meet for the first time one evening after work but I was hesitant because of a bad date the night before. An astrologically-inclined girlfriend convinced me to go because she believed our smiles were destined to be together after seeing his picture. I sat down at the bar, told him I needed a cocktail and the rest is history. We shared our first kiss that night on a doorstep beside 416 Snack Bar, hiding from the rain. One year later, Greg proposed at that exact same spot. — Megan Stoudt and Greg Dolland

​'He just had to kiss me'

Our first kiss was this summer right after the Blue Jays game. It was our second date and I got us these great seats to the Blue Jays versus New York Yankees game and totally impressed him. He just had to kiss me! — Emily Ouellette

'Three years later we are happily married'

Our first kiss was on our second date. On our second date things got awkward. I met Wil for Mexican and he seemed cold and would barely look up. After dinner, we decided to go for a walk. We ended up back at my place to watch some TV. Things started to run a bit smoother and before he left, we kissed. Turned out he was incredibly sick and could barely get out of the house, let alone function on a date. I ended up catching his flu, but three years later we are happily married. — Allison and Wil Best

'We've been together since'

For our first date, my now-fiancé and I went out for dinner and decided we wanted to keep hanging out. After migrating to Snakes and Lattes, where we played a game of Scrabble, it was time to say goodbye. We walked to Bathurst station and just before the eastbound train pulled up to the platform, we had our first smooch. And we've been together since! — Alexandra Wylie

​'Da Mao got to see it all'

​We've been together for over two years now. For our first date, we decided to go on a double date to the Toronto Zoo. His favourite animal is the panda so I really wanted to take him there so he could see them. As we were walking through the exhibit, we were watching Da Mao and I laid my head on Marc's shoulder. He then turned around, put his hand on my cheek and gave me a kiss! It was our first kiss and Da Mao got to see it all! — Briana Pahalan and Marc Berthiaume  

'There was a quiet pause'

We were friends at the time but I knew he had feelings for me. We were celebrating with friends and I wasn't feeling well so he insisted on taking me to the washroom at the 10 Dundas East complex. He bought me a bottle of water and was waiting in the food court. I sat beside him with my face in my arms and he said "I want to kiss you ... on your lips." There was a quiet pause before I noticed we were both leaning in and it happened. We kissed! — Jessica Pillai

​'We have been together ever since'

​My husband took me out on our first date on my birthday in 1994. He brought flowers and a bottle of Asti Spumante. After dinner, back at my apartment and a glass of wine, we kissed for the first time. We have been together ever since. — Wendy Ramana-Sahadeo

'I believe in long lasting love'

I first met my husband and kissed him 45 years ago. We met a party where I was to meet someone else that I had been dating. As soon as I met my husband, I told the other guy that I had met someone else. I was almost 20 years old and believed in love at first sight. I still do. Through life's adventures and difficulties, we are there for each other. Now I believe in long lasting love that can begin at first sight! — Brenda Ferris

'We've now been happily married for 25 years'

We met at a conference in Chicago, were amazed at how much we had in common and were happy that we both lived in Toronto. After our second lunch together, we went for a walk through Kew Gardens and along the boardwalk. Lake Ontario and the park became the perfect romantic background for our first kiss. More followed. We've now been happily married for 25 years. — Carolyn Swadron 

'We've never looked back'

We were standing outside his apartment on St. Clair Avenue after a first date in May 2011. As it was getting dark, he waited with me for a taxi and in that last second before I stepped in, he was like a magnet. I kissed him with an intention that surprised us both and we've never looked back. Our first wedding anniversary is next month! — Michelle Balaban


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