Toronto couples gush about first kisses on Valentine's Day

We asked: where in Toronto did you share your first smooch with your partner?

Where in Toronto did you share your first smooch with your partner?

It started with a kiss and then, these couples just knew.

We asked: where in Toronto did you share your first smooch with your partner?

We were flooded with stories of first kisses on Toronto streets and at landmarks that are now near and dear to you.

One lucky couple will win a snazzy prize pack. We will announce the winner on Twitter on Valentine's Day!

Thank you for sharing your stories.

Submissions edited for length and clarity.

'I remember how warm and protected I felt'

We first kissed in the shelter of my apartment building lobby at Weston and Lawrence 34 years ago. It was March and a cold night. He had on a big parka and when he leaned in, I remember how warm and protected I felt. Just thinking about that kiss makes me smile. It was gentle yet passionate. I was 22 and moving to Winnipeg within a month but we made long distance work and were married two years later. — Doreen and Terry Graham

'It surprised us both'

Our second date was in Liberty Village. I met Sonya at a bar for a drink and we eventually started playing shuffleboard. Once the TFC game ended we stopped playing against one another and instead against duos of jersey-clad bros who, thanks to beer, were self-declared shuffleboard pros. We won three games, despite not even knowing how to keep score. Our challengers weren't happy. After our first win, we met halfway down the table for a high five-hug mix that turned into a first kiss. It surprised us both. We joke now we were drunk on winning. — Robert Small

'We still walk by this spot and stop for a kiss'

It was our second date and I remember feeling excited and rushed to catch the last GO train home. He walked me to Union station and it was here that we had our first kiss. The landmark became an even bigger part of our lives when on our second anniversary, he strategically walked to the same spot and dropped to his knee. A violinist played Can't Stop Falling In Love With You and I said yes! A crowd cheered and a photographer captured the moment. We still walk by this spot and stop for a kiss! — Norah O'Donnell 

'Yay! Finally'

I met my wife about 45 days after moving to Toronto. I was living on my own for the first time. We met at a party that was held at the end of the summer at this restaurant that I was working at. She started coming around the restaurant to visit her cousin and coincidentally, I would be working. Finally, I got the courage to ask her out on a date. After a few drinks, I finally worked up the courage to kiss her. She stopped mid-kiss and said "Yay! Finally." This was on the playground of Clinton Street Junior Public School. We have been together since. — Jeremy Kay

'It just felt right'

My partner Bram and I shared our first kiss at this romantic spot in the beaches. The R.C Harris Water Filtration Plant has a beautiful view of the lake and this is where I took Bram on our very first date after we spent hours chatting together in a local coffee shop. It wasn't awkward. It wasn't forced. It just felt right. — Julia Gasenzer

​'I knew from that moment he was the one'

After meeting through a dating website, my now fiancé Marco and I went on our first date in Yorkville. We shared delicious treats and coffee, talked the whole night and then had to head back home. We sat in my fiancé's car where we shared little first date gifts we bought for each other and said good night. We leaned in and kissed. I instantly had butterflies. Our first kiss was perfect and literally took my breath away! I knew from that moment he was the one. We are now getting ready for our wedding this July! Every time we kiss it truly feels like the same kiss we shared on our first date. I still get butterflies! It's the best feeling in the world! — Cristina D'Alessandro

'We were totally blocking the whole street with our car'

​My husband and I shared our first kiss on a snowy January night in the east end of the city outside my then-apartment on Boultbee Avenue in The Pocket. We were totally blocking the whole street with our car — didn't really think about that when we went in for the smooch. One of the most hilarious parts was a Fatboy Slim song was playing. With all the sirens and other instrumentals, we kept thinking an irate neighbour was honking at us to move, but it was always the song! — Carrie Macmillan

'It was both surprising and adorable'

On our first date, Dan took me to dinner and then to Ripleys Aquarium. We were having an amazing time, laughing and talking a ton. Near the end of the Aquarium visit, you get to view the shark tank from above. By then I could tell he wanted to kiss me but was hesitant. All of a sudden, I heard him whisper to himself "screw it," and went in for the kiss. It was both surprising and adorable. Ever since then, both he and the phrase "screw it" have had a special spot in my heart. — Nicole V.

'We had our first kiss after a dinner date'

My husband Wei and I had our first kiss after a dinner date. It's been 9 years! — Stephanie Moy 


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