Fiona Crean appears to have a shot at carrying on her role as the city's ombudsman beyond next year.


Fiona Crean has served as the city's ombudsman for more than five years. (City of Toronto)

Earlier today, councillors voted 35-7 against a motion to reappoint Crean for an additional five-year term.

However, an in-camera session followed, after which council voted to confirm confidential instructions given to staff.

The CBC's Jamie Strashin reports that some councillors have indicated there is an opportunity for Crean to continue on beyond 2015. But the details of what council has decided won't be publicly revealed for now.

Crean was appointed as the city's first ombudsman in November 2008.

During her tenure as ombudsman, Crean has tangled with some powerful people including Mayor Rob Ford, his brother and Gene Jones, the former Toronto Community Housing Corporation executive.