Rob Ford helping streetcar collision

A man said to be Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is on the scene of a streetcar collision at St. Clair Avenue West and Keele Street. (Natalia Buia/Twitter)

A streetcar collision near St. Clair Avenue and Keele Street has left one woman dead.

Emergency services report a woman was struck by a streetcar at about 4 p.m. Tuesday. She was pronounced dead on the scene after sustaining "massive trauma" during the incident. 

Toronto police say the 73-year-old woman was jaywalking. Her identity has not been released. 

The driver applied his emergency brake in an attempt to stop, police said. 

Mayor Rob Ford was on the scene of the accident and was seen on a cellphone, standing on the street near TTC officials, in a photo posted on social media. 

Police told CBC News late Tuesday night that the TTC is currently investigating safety on the street car line as a new shopping centre in the area has reportedly led to increases in jaywalking on St. Clair Avenue.