Toronto police closed some downtown streets on Friday morning over concerns that debris could fall from a highrise hotel.

Bay Street was shut down between Richmond Street and King Street, and Adelaide Street West was closed in both directions at York Street.

The closures were over concerns that glass could fall from the spire high atop the Trump Hotel.

No glass came down, but this is the third time there have been concerns about glass falling from the Trump tower. Glass fell twice from the skyscraper in 2012. 

Experts say the trouble could be for a number of possible causes — from impurities in the glass to sudden changes in temperature. 

City councillor Denzil Minnan-Wong, who also chairs the public works and infrastructure committee, says the city needs to be more vigilant. Toronto is currently going through a boom of high-rise construction, with 130 highrises in the works. 

"We need to ask some sharp questions to builders about how they're constructing these buildings," he said. "If this is happening now with buildings that have just recently gone up we can imagine what will happen five or 10 years from now."