Shocking video of children playing on train tracks in Richmond Hill, Ont., has caught the eye of a national rail safety organization.

Last week, CBC News reported on a stretch of train tracks north of Toronto where children were caught on video touching a moving freight train, as well as standing in front of another train while it barrelled towards them.

Dan Di Tota of Operation Lifesaver says there have already been three deaths on train tracks in Ontario so far this year, including two involving Toronto-area teenagers.

He told CBC News that it is imperative that children be taught about the dangers of cutting across train tracks or playing near them.

"I think it's important that parents, teachers, caregivers open up that discussion with the children, with each other, and talk about the dangers around trains," he said.

Di Tota said he was "very concerned and disturbed" by the video of the children who trespassed onto the train tracks in Richmond Hill.

"It doesn't take much for an accident to happen," he said.