Song in the 6ix: FAQ

Common questions about our Song in the 6ix contest

FAQ: Eligibility

Q1: If I enter the contest, will CBC "own" my song?
A1: CBC will own the winning audio recording and video, and you will retain ownership of the original composition.

Q2: Are there any limitations to how I use the song?
A2: Once you win the contest, CBC will have exclusive rights to the song for one year from first release.

Q3: May I submit an ensemble or group performance?
A3: Yes. Up to 4 members in a group submission

Q4: May I sample music in my submission?
A4: No. This must be a completely original piece.

Q5: If I have already written a song about Toronto, may I submit it?
A5: Yes. As long as it was written in the last 12 months.

Q6: I am a professional musician, may I enter the contest?
A6: Yes. This contest is open to all current residents of the Greater Toronto Area.

Q7: I lived in the GTA, but have since moved. May I enter the contest?
A7: No. The contest is for current residents only.

FAQ: Entering

Q8: If I only have an audio recording how can I enter?
A8: You can enter audio with a still image and upload the content.

Q9: How do I create a YouTube account?
A9: This eight-step wikihow should help

Q10: May I enter the contest without a Facebook account?
A10: Yes. To do so, you must register as a user on the contest entry page.

Q11: In my video, am I required to introduce my piece?
A11: No. You are not required to introduce your piece, however you may do so as long as you respect the maximum time limit of 5 minutes.

Q12: Do I get royalties if my song is featured on CBC platforms?
A12: No. Your content will be royalty-free and CBC has unrestricted rights.

FAQ: Voting

Q13: I don't have a Facebook account. May I still vote?
A13: Yes, you may vote by registering as a user on the contest entry page.

Q14: I am not a Canadian citizen or a Canadian resident. Am I eligible to vote?
A14: Yes. Voting is not restricted by citizenship or geographical boundaries.

Q15: I voted for my favourite contestant. Can I vote for him/her again today?
A15: No. You must wait until tomorrow. We allow you to vote once per day per contestant.

Q16: May I vote for two different contestants on the same day?
A16: Yes. You can vote for multiple contestants per day, but only once per contestant per day.

FAQ: Other

Q17: I commented on somebody's video. Why don't I see it?
A17: We moderate all comments. Be patient, if your comment is deemed appropriate, it will appear soon.

Q18: Can my content be shared?
A18: Upon entering the contest, your content may be shared by voters and the public.

Q19: I submitted a video entry. Why don't I see it?
A19: We moderate all videos. CBC has the discretion to disqualify entries for inappropriate content.

Q20: Who is presenting and sponsoring the contest?
A20: This is exclusively a CBC Toronto initiative.