A Toronto man shot dead last week in the garage of an Etobicoke home was previously wounded in a high-profile homicide allegedly connected to organized crime, CBC News has learned.

Alfredo Patriarca, 42, was found shot to death in the garage of his rented house near Princess Margaret Boulevard and Kipling Avenue shortly before 6:30 p.m. on Jan. 20. Police have not arrested anyone in the shooting.  

Patriarca was one of two men shot in the summer 2012 as they sat together on the crowded patio of a College Street cafe. The men were among hundreds of people watching a Euro Cup soccer match in the neighbourhood's bars and restaurants that day when a gunman, dressed in a hard hat, construction vest and dust mask covering his face, approached them and opened fire with a handgun.  

Patriarca was sitting with John Raposo who was shot five times in the head and died from his injuries. Toronto police have since said Raposo was the intended victim of "the targeted hit." 

Patriarca was hospitalized but recovered from his wounds. Police did not release his name at the time.

Four people have since been charged in connection with that shooting, including men with alleged ties to organized crime. Police have said the murder was likely related to an underworld dispute involving large quantities of cash and cocaine.

Patriarca was in a construction waste bin business. He and his family live in homes that are heavily secured, and rigged with surveillance cameras.

But Patriarca's residence was under renovation, so he, his wife and two children recently moved into a rented home. It was his wife who called 911 after discovering his body. Patriarca's funeral was held Monday.

Toronto Police Detective Sergeant Joyce Schertzer told CBC News many other homes in the affluent neighbourhood also have security cameras. She appealed to witnesses, or anybody that has video that hasn't been contacted by police already to come forward.

She also wanted to hear from anyone who saw individuals "loitering in the area, that seemed not to belong" in the hours or days leading up to the shooting.

CBC News has also learned the suspected gunman and an accomplice may have been wearing masks. Det. Sgt. Schertzer declined to comment on any information about possible suspects noting the investigation is still in its infancy.

Investigative reporter John Lancaster can be reached at john.lancaster@cbc.ca or 416-205-7538