40 Panorama Court

Owners at 40 Panorama Court say they are being overcharged for repairs (Google Maps)

Some owners at an Etobicoke condo building say a proposed increase of monthly fees will put owners at risk of defaulting.

The owners are set to protest the fee hike outside their residences at 40 Panorama Court. 

"We need justice," said condo owner Esther Rishea. "We have lots of questions."

Rishea says most of the owners at the building are new immigrants and seniors who cannot afford the approximately $2,000 in monthly condo fees.

Repairs needed

A court-appointed administrator raised fees to pay for what he called urgent repairs — including falling concrete, faulty elevators and toxic mould.

"The last thing you want to see is people lose their homes," said administrator Joe Vero. "The unfortunate thing is people's health is also at risk."

A second opinion

Owners say the repairs started years ago and are not yet finished.

The protesters are seeking to replace Joe Vero with engineers hired by the condo board to examine the condition of the building.

They have also signed a petition asking the province to intervene.