Ellis Kirkland, the Toronto architect and philanthropist accused of stabbing her apartment building's concierge in an unprovoked attack, is on suicide watch in a secure hospital corrections facility, her lawyer told CBC News.

John Nunziata, a former Liberal MP, is representing Kirkland, who is due to appear in mental health court on Monday morning.

Kirkland, 60, has been charged with attempted murder for allegedly stabbing a 67-year-old man with a kitchen knife as he was helping her move boxes from her apartment in the city's upscale Rosedale neighbourhood.

The victim, whose name is under publication ban, was released from hospital yesterday after fighting for his life in the intensive care unit. He told CBC News he barely knew the woman who attacked him so suddenly and then fled the scene.  

Kirkland was arrested after a city-wide manhunt on Thursday that ended on a 27th floor balcony at Toronto's Town Inn Suites — not the apartment building where she lives. Two police officers rappelled down from the floor above to apprehend Kirkland.

A colleague of the world-renowned architect recently told CBC News that she was "a remarkable woman" who showed no signs of emotional distress the last time he saw her in June.

"She seemed perfectly balanced and on top of the world," said Dereck Revington, the designer behind the Bloor Street Viaduct's suicide barrier, of which Kirkland was a major proponent.  

With files from Chantal Da Silva