Election signs made their first appearance across Toronto on Tuesday though, with 90 days to go until the municipal election, it will still be some time until they are in full bloom. 

Mayoral candidates are, as of today, allowed to post signs in their campaign offices. 

Though the candidates have been campaigning for months, the rules prohibited the use of signs. Signs are not be permitted elsewhere, such as on front yards, until 25 days prior to the Oct. 27 election. 

"The election signs become more of an issue of safety and visual blight and therefore they've stipulated the time frames when those can go up," said city official Fernando Aceto. 

Other rules limit the size and placement of signs. They can't be illuminated, attached to trees or placed on public property other than highways. It's also against the rules to damage or deface an election sign. 

Mayoral candidates are allowed to put up posters in up to four campaign offices across the city. Anyone running for just city council can only have signs up at one office in the ward where they are running 

At least 18 bylaw officers will be out, enforcing those rules as the city draws closer to the election. 

With files from the CBC's Michelle Cheung