Toronto's Wildlife Centre has taken in dozens of brown bats after their hibernation was disturbed because of the severe temperatures as of late.

Volunteer Andrew Wight rescued 43 of them earlier this week off the side of a building in Newmarket, Ont.

They'll stay at the TWC through the winter, covered with blankets for now to help keep them calm.

With many of the bats severely underweight, Lisa Fosco and her team of volunteers have been working overtime to help keep the bats warm, fed, and hydrated.

"We got them it at the right time to try and save them," she said.

The CBC's Charlsie Agro said in the past few days the TWC has seen more bats than it usually does all year.

Fosco has prepared by ordering 31,000 worms yesterday, estimating "each bat eats 30-40 (insects) per day."

TWC staff are hoping to release the bats in the late spring or early summer.