A Toronto restaurateur is leading the charge to stop a proposed condo development on King Street West that he says will damage the neighbourhood.

"It's a tough battle," said Al Carbone.

On Thursday, Carbone placed a banner on the front gate of his Kit Kat restaurant that says, 'Say no to condo developments on restaurant row.'

His restaurant has been serving customers for 25 years.

About six months ago, he found out about plans for a 47-storey condo tower with 300 units, to be built just doors away from his restaurant.

It will, says Carbone, dramatically change the strip known as restaurant row.

"It's a landmark. It's not one building, it's several buildings. Once one landlord goes another one will go. This strip will be disappearing," he said.

The strip between John Street and Spadina Avenue is known for its vibrant restaurants and bars, right in the heart of the entertainment district — and they're housed in historical buildings, some dating back to the 1800s.

Carbone is hoping the public urges the city to change the plans. "Unless I get the public support I'm fighting for nothing," he said. 

He says the towers will destroy the area bringing more dust, crowds and parking problems.

The condo plan goes before the Ontario Municipal Board in October.