The city councillor brother of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is standing by his comments about a residential home for developmentally disabled youth in his ward.

In an interview with TV station CP24, Coun. Doug Ford also shot back at people, including former Liberal MP Bob Rae, who have criticized him for saying the home has "ruined" a west-end neighbourhood.

Ford has been taken to task on social media after his comments were reported in the community newspaper the Etobicoke Guardian.

The councillor told CP24 he was misled about the group home's residents and rules.

He claims the current occupants have violent tendencies and are allowed to leave the house unsupervised, and he accused them of causing problems in the neighbourhood.

Ford also suggested the home lowers property values in the area.

In an email to The Canadian Press, Deanna Dannell, a Griffin Centre spokeswoman, says the centre had several contacts with Ford before the residence opened and it was upfront about who would live there and what services would be provided.

With files from CBC News