The infamous mayor of Toronto may have been given the cold shoulder by popular actor Kevin Spacey while on a recent trip to Los Angeles

That's what Rob Ford's brother and fellow city councillor Doug Ford is telling the viewers of Ford Nation, the YouTube show produced by the brothers.

He says while the mayor was waiting to appear on late night talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live, the Fords were told they couldn't talk to or take a picture with Spacey, who is currently starring in Netflix's hit show House of Cards.

Doug Ford says while Spacey is "an incredible actor," he also thinks the star is "an arrogant S.O.B.."

He says Spacey should get off his "high horse and be real and take pictures with people."

Rob Ford took a more muted approach, saying he doesn't watch movies and wouldn't know Spacey if he "ran over him."

Spacey, who appeared on Kimmel's show ahead of the mayor's main appearance, was asked about sharing a dressing room with the controversial politician to which he responded: "Well, he threw up all over it, but those are the chances you take."