City councillor Doug Ford is blaming a broken window on his SUV on his political rivals. 

Coun. Ford, who is managing the re-election campaign for his brother, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, told reporters on Tuesday the rear window of his vehicle was smashed in sometime during the night. 

The SUV was one of four vehicles in the driveway of his Etobicoke home, Ford said. 

"My neighbours never got touched. No one got touched except my car," Ford told reporters. 

Police say they are looking into the incident.

Coun. Ford pinned the blame on his and his brother's political opponents, without naming specific people or offering any proof. 

"Like I said earlier, it's going be a dirty campaign and unfortunately a couple of the other camps are lowering themselves to do this," he said. 

Coun. Ford has also blamed recent protests against his brother on unspecified political opponents. He suggested Joe Killoran, the now-famous "shirtless jogger," was working for a rival campaign when he heckled the mayor last week, and on Tuesday made the same accusation against the Killoran-inspired "shirtless horde" that has recently taken to protesting Ford events. 

Tory, Chow respond

John Tory — a frontrunner, together with Olivia Chow, to replace Ford in the Oct. 27 municipal election — dismissed Ford's accusation. 

"That's just Doug Ford going off again and providing entertainment for people," Tory said. 

"The notion that my campaign — or I would say for that matter, Ms. Chow's campaign — would have anything to do with this is ridiculous," Tory said. 

Chow's campaign also denied involvement. 

"As with many of Doug Ford assertions, it's completely without truth or foundation," the campaign said in a statement.

With files from the CBC's Jamie Strashin