Double lung recipient walking around

A 41-year-old Oakville man who underwent a double lung transplant on Tuesday was up and walking around on Thursday. Doctors say Keith Childrehose is doing better than expected.

 A remarkable sight at Toronto General Hospital on Thursday — Keith Childerhose, who underwent a double lung transplant on Tuesday, was up and walking around.

Doctors say the 41-year-old Oakville man is doing much better than expected.

Childerhose has had a rare lung disease all his life, but his condition took a turn for the worse two weeks ago.

That's when his wife Sarah Taylor took to social media hoping to spread the word about the need for organ donations.

A successful match was found for Childerhose. 

Taylor says she will be eternally grateful to the donor's family. 

"I can never thank them enough," she said Thursday during a news conference at the hospital.  "I can never, ever, ever thank them enough."

About 48 hours after receiving his new lung Childerhose is breathing on his own and was able to even take  few steps.  His wife says she's looking forward to walking the halls with him, holding his hand. 

But Taylor says her campaign to raise awareness is not over.

"The concept that somebody had donated these, it hit me," she said.

Although the number of successful transplants in Ontario is rising, the number of organ donors is not, according to the Trillium Gift of Life Foundation. 

Taylor says her personal goal is to double the number of registered organ donors in Ontario.

"Yes I'm excited.  Yes I'm looking forward to the future," she said.  "But the gift [the organ donation] is the only reason we are talking today."