Police in Vaughan say a dog is dead after being poisoned with kibble that appears to have been laced with a chemical commonly found in antifreeze.

York Regional Police said the dog was out for a walk with its owner last Wednesday when it began eating something near a mailbox in the Gidleigh Park Crescent area, near Vaughan Mills and Rutherford Roads.

Hours later, the dog became violently ill and got worse from there, to the point where it was too weak to walk.

The owner took the dog to the vet, but on Friday the animal had to be put down. The veterinarian advised the dog's owner that it appears the pet had ingested glycol.

After the dog's owner contacted police, officers went to the scene and found what looked like kibble sprinkled around the ground. It's now been sent off to be analyzed.

Earlier Monday, Toronto police issued a warning to pet owners after a poisonous dog treat sickened one dog and more of the noxious chew treats were found in a city park.

Police said the investigation is continuing and anyone with information is being asked to contact police directly at 1-866-876-5423, ext. 7441, or Crime Stoppers anonymously.