Dispute over vacuum cleaner leads to 911 call

It may seem obvious, but police in Barrie, Ont., say a fight over a recently purchased vacuum cleaner doesn't qualify as a 911-worthy emergency.

Man in Barrie, Ont., called police after roommates wouldn't let him move out with vacuum cleaner

It may seem obvious, but Barrie, Ont., police say a fight over a recently purchased vacuum cleaner does not qualify as an emergency.

A group of roommates in Barrie, Ont., got into a dispute over the ownership of a vacuum cleaner on Canada Day. A call was made to 911. (Chris Huber/Rapid City Journal/Associated Press)

At approximately noon on Tuesday, Canada Day, a call was made to 911 from a male in the city's north end who wanted help in settling a dispute with his three roommates.

The group had bought a vacuum cleaner two months ago, and one of the roommates who was moving out wanted to either take it with him or have the remaining individuals buy out his share of the appliance.

Police said they cautioned the caller about his inappropriate use of 911 but did help settle the issue. In the end, the male's share was bought out.

A news release did not identify the make or model of the vacuum cleaner at the centre of the dispute.