York Regional Police say it was a "disappointing weekend" dealing with impaired drivers after they arrested 10 people over a four-hour period for alcohol and drug-related offences. 

Of the 10 arrests, three of them were the result of vehicle collisions, according to police. 

Police say five of them were arrested through a RIDE spot check and general patrol. 

The remaining two arrests happened after concerned citizens called 911 to report possible impaired drivers, police say. 

In three of the cases, two of the drivers arrested blew two and a half times over the legal alcohol limit and one driver was under the influence of drugs. 

The weekend arrests come just a week after York police released a night-vision video of an alleged impaired driver who fell asleep at the wheel and then fled from police before slamming into a light pole in Richmond Hill on Feb. 15.  

York police are urging people to participate in the #ImTHATPerson campaign, which encourages citizens to speak out against impaired driving.