A family deported from Toronto last spring is getting a second chance at life in Canada.

Antonio DeSousa, his wife and three children are scheduled to arrive from Portugalat Toronto's Pearson International Airport on Monday, after DeSousa was granted a one-year work visa.

The family's immigration consultant Roy Kellogg says DeSousa, a construction supervisor, is important to his employer because he is fluent in Portuguese and gets top results from predominantly Portuguese-speaking work crews.

The owner of the roofing company where DeSousa worked supported his original application to remain in Canada, despite his lack of the proper permits. DeSousa will now rejoin the company, says Kellogg.

DeSousa had originally applied for refugee status, but was turned down. In April 2006, he and his wife and his two daughters were deported.

Kellogg said DeSousa got some bad immigration advice before he was deported.

"Basically, if you're going to hire a foreigner … you have to prove that you're not replacing a job a Canadian would take. So you have to go to Human Resources Skills Development Canada with a set of criteria and get permission to hire a foreigner, and that's what we did," Kellogg told CBC News.

DeSousa's wife was five months pregnant with their third daughter when the family was sent back, and they return to Toronto as a family of five.