Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is the subject of a integrity commission complaint filed by a good governance group. (Brett Gundlock/Reuters)

Rob Ford and his councillor brother Doug have violated the City Hall code of conduct, alleges a complaint filed with the Integrity Commissioner on Friday by the group Democracy Watch.

The Ottawa-based governance group filed a complaint affidavit demanding an investigation what it calls "inside government lobbying" by the Ford brothers. Democracy Watch said the Fords' alleged treatment of two companies associated with the Ford family business, Deco Tags and Labels, may constitute a violation.

“Democracy Watch believes that the inside lobbying actions of Rob Ford and Doug Ford on behalf of two companies that have ties to their family business raise serious questions,” said Duff Conacher, co-founder of Democracy Watch who filed the complaint affidavit.

A report in the Globe and Mail alleged the mayor and his councillor brother Doug Ford used their influence to introduce a printing company to city officials while they were doing private business with same company. 

The Ford family owns Deco Labels and Tags, a label company with offices in Etobicoke and Chicago. The allegations of influence at City Hall was made by a former employee.

The printing company, RR Donnelley and Sons, was lobbying municipal staff to take over some city printing business, according to the Globe. There was some benefit to the Fords, it's claimed, with the referral of business.

The CBC has not independently verified any of the claims, and no allegation has been proven.

Since the allegations are reported to the city's Integrity Commissioner, Janet Leiper, and she finds that there is a conflict, the consequences are a council reprimand or a suspension of pay for 90 days.

Rob Ford returns from alcohol-related treatment on Monday. Doug Ford has not commented on the complaint.