Daughter makes tearful plea for witnesses in father's slaying

Annalisa Cara made an emotional appeal on Wednesday for anyone with information about the movements of her father the day he died, to come forward. Her father Claudio Cara was stabbed to death in February.

A daughter made a tearful plea on Wednesday for witnesses to to come forward and help solve her father's murder.

"I had a very close relationship with my father and spent a lot of time with him," Annalisa Cara told a news conference in Oshawa, Ont.

The last time his daughter saw him alive was Valentine's Day when they exchanged gifts.

"Every Valentine's Day he would play Cupid and buy me a bouquet of flowers and chocolates," she said. "That was his tradition."

One day later, on Feb. 15, Claudio Cara, 56, was murdered - stabbed multiple times in his Oshawa home where he lived alone.

Police say they have a person of interest in this case but they still need to track down exactly where Cara went on the day he died.

What they do know is that in the last hours of his life, Cara met friends at a Swiss Chalet restaurant, but left quickly. 

"He attended the restaurant but did not see [his friends]," said Det. Tom Dingwall of Durham Regional police.

Two and half hours later he was spotted buying a lottery ticket at a convenience store - then vanished.

Police want to know where he went in between the restaurant and the convenience store, and then in the hours before his death.

"It's out of character for Mr. Cara to simply drive around. It is our belief he met with somebody, a friend, some other person that's yet to come forward," said Dingwall.

Officers talked to the people the the neighbourhood but no one reported seeing him

"My father was a great, very kind, docile, trusting man with a great sense of humour, he always had witty one liners and he loved to play the lottery," said Annalisa Cara.