Coyote struck by car in Cabbagetown prompts warning from police

Toronto police are warning Cabbagetown residents to look out for a coyote that was reportedly struck by a car.

'An injured animal is sometimes a dangerous animal,' police say

Coyote sightings in Cabbagetown are rare, but Const. David Hopkinson says there are reasons why the animals might venture into urban areas. (Edmonton Urban Coyote Project )

Toronto police are warning Cabbagetown residents to look out for a coyote that was reportedly struck by a car.

Police say the incident took place around noon Friday near Carlton Street and Parliament Street.

The animal reportedly ran away after being struck and police say it may be seriously injured.

Const. David Hopkinson said police tweeted about the incident as a warning to residents. "An injured animal is sometimes a dangerous animal," Hopkinson said.

Coyote sightings in Cabbagetown are rare, but Hopkinson says there are reasons why the animals might venture into urban areas.

"Let's face it: rabies is going around," said Hopkinson, adding that police hope to locate the coyote so that Animal Services can determine if it needs to be put down.

Police are asking anyone with information to call 51 Division at 416-808-5100.


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