Covering Toronto Fashion Week

A local photographer and blogger covers Toronto Fashion Week inside and out.

Following a local fashion photographer from catwalk to catwalk

The fashion photographer with her tools: an iPhone and camera. (David Donnelly/CBC)

Designers at Toronto's Fashion Week depend on media coverage. And so the sidelines of the catwalks are lined with photographers — but not all are from fashion magazines or newspapers.

For this year's Fashion Week, Stefania Yarhi, a Toronto photographer and blogger at the website TextStyles, covered Toronto Fashion Week top to bottom, inside and out. Here's what it was like off and on the runways.

Fashion Week also extends to street style. (David Donnelly/CBC)
This look caught Yarhi's attention outside Fashion Week proper. (Stefania Yarhi/Textstyles)
Backstage to get shots of the model's nails for Essie Canada. (David Donnelly/CBC)
Waiting for the shows to start at Fashion Week (Stefania Yarhi/Textstyles)
Media gathers to see the first outfits. (David Donnelly/CBC)
One of the outfits from the Laura Seigel collection. (Stefania Yarhi/Textstyles)
Checking out the clothes. (David Donnelly/CBC)
A spring item from Canadian designer Travis Taddeo. (Stefania Yarhi/Textstyles)
Back to the street styles at Toronto Fashion Week. (David Donnelly/CBC)
(Stefania Yarhi/Textstyles)
Conferring with other writers in the fashion industry is part of the job. Here Stefania talks to Andrew Sardone, Fashion Editor at the Globe and Mail. (David Donnelly/CBC)
(David Donnelly/CBC)


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