Couple's $21M jackpot win bright spot in tough year

A multi-million-dollar lottery win has helped put a silver lining on an otherwise tough year for a couple from Vaughan, Ont.

A $21.2-million lottery jackpot is helping a Vaughan, Ont., couple get through what had been a rough year, up to now.

Les and Beverley Cassidy won the big prize in the Dec. 12 Lotto 649 draw.

The couple — who are originally from Kirkland Lake but now reside in the city north of Toronto — claimed their millions on Monday, with some close family members at their side.

Les, who recently left his lifelong career as an electrical supervisor, says he and his wife had suffered some health problems over the past year, so the money comes at the perfect time.

The two have been married for 13 years and have seven grandchildren between them.

He says they plan to live just as before, but admits his wife is looking forward to buying some new bed linens and towels — and an Alaskan cruise could also be in the cards.

"We don't like the heat. We're from Kirkland Lake so we enjoy the cold," he said.

His wife said she first thought she had won $21,000 and when the store gave her a printout she was surprised to see such a large number. Then she realized their winnings were in the millions.

"I started jumping up and down and waving out the window to my husband who was waiting in the car. The whole store was buzzing," said Beverley.

Les said his first reaction was to get outside for some fresh air but he was soon able to clear his head.

"I already won the lottery when I met my wife, so this is just a bonus,"  he added.