A couple is building their tiny dream house on wheels on the back of a flatbed truck in Guelph, Ont. 

But the little house will be bigger than what they're used to living in.

Matthew Davey and Kat Walters spent the past eight months travelling around the U.S. and Canada in a tiny trailer.

Their new home will be 2.4 metres by six metres, said Walters. It will be equipped with a tub, a sink and a composting toilet.

The little house will even have a staircase, leading up to a second storey bedroom loft.

"Our bedroom loft in the tiny house will be relatively the same size as this trailer," said Walters.

Tiny House

Matthew Davey and Kat Walters hope this will be their new home starting in November. (CBC News)

In total, the new house will be four times bigger than the trailer they travelled around in.

Davey and Walters think they can build the house for less than $20,000. The couple has saved a lot of money by reclaiming some of the materials, said Davey.

They hope to move into the house on wheels on November 1, but they're still not sure where they will tow it first.

Tiny house

The couple spent eight months travelling around Canada and the U.S. while living in this small trailer. (CBC News)