Coun. Mary-Margaret McMahon wants to make owning an electric vehicle more attractive, so Tuesday at city hall, she will ask staff to look at creating charging stations to help people make the switch from gas-powered vehicles.

"We want to encourage people to be sustainable and go green, but how can they do that if we are not accommodating them?"

McMahon, who represents Ward 32, Beaches-East York, says she's heard from residents who want to buy an electric car but don't have a driveway. With only on-street parking, they can't plug in the vehicle.  

"They are very frustrated. So, now what? What do you do? If you can't do it on your property, where else can you do it?"

There are fewer than seven thousand electric vehicles on the road in all of Ontario. McMahon thinks more motorists would go green if there were more convenient charging stations. 

electric vehicle adoption

Coun. Mary-Margaret McMahon wants city staff to investigate installing charging stations on city streets, including in areas without driveways or garages. (Getty Images)

In July, the Ontario government announced it's working with private and public-sector partners to build almost 500 electric vehicle charging throughout the province with a number in Toronto.  Some of the locations include the Air Canada Centre, Maple Leaf Square, and retail stores like IKEA.  The new charging stations are expected to be up and running by March 2017.

Right now, there are no on-street charging locations in the city.  In 2012, city council supported an on-street electric vehicle pilot project but it never materialized.

McMahon is recommending Transportation Services look at a strategy to install these stations around Toronto, including in areas without driveways or garages.   

The councillor thinks other locations worth considering are near parks and universities.

"It's a big conversation, but I feel we're behind on it, so we've got to get going."