A Toronto construction company that worked on the revitalization of Kingston Road must pay to have the work redone, according to a city councillor, now that sidewalks it laid down just months ago are already crumbling. 

The revitalization of Kingston Road is in its second year, and in 2013 saw Sanscon Construction pour fresh concrete along a stretch from Birchmount Road east to Warden Avenue. 

But after one winter, the new sidewalks are flaking and crumbling. 

Coun. Denzil Minnan-Wong, who is chair of the Public Works Committee, told CBC News Sanscon will have to pay to make things right.

“I’m concerned because the businesses will be inconvenienced for another summer … We are asking the contractor to condense the work,” Minnan-Wong said. 

Pharmacist Sameh Bolos says his business has barely had time to recover from last year.

“Last summer it was very bad you know people they can't park,” he said. “In the pharmacy business, you lose a client on chronic medication, you lose them forever.”

Sanscon did not respond to a CBC News request for a comment on this story.

The company also worked on the revitalization of Roncesvalles Avenue a few years ago, which was plagued by delays