The Mississauga gas plant that the Liberals vowed to scrap during the provincial election campaign is still under construction.

Just two weeks before the election a group of local Liberal candidates gathered to announce construction on the controversial plant would stop and a new location would be found.

"I'm pleased that by working together with the people of Mississauga were moving the location of this gas plant," said Dipika Damerla, the Liberal candidate who was later elected MPP for the riding of Mississauga East - Cooksville. during the Sept. 24 news conference.

But on Tuesday work was continuing.

For Stephen Thompson, from the group Concerned Homeowners for Intelligent Power, it's a headshaker.

"They've ramped it up quite a bit," he said. "They've been working Saturdays and Sundays."

Thompson wants the plant stopped and moved "somewhere else." 

The group has emailed the four local Liberal MPPs who showed up on Sept. 24 to announce the closure — Charles Sousa, Donna Cansfield, Laurel Broten and Damerla — demanding to know when construction will end. 

"We need some answers now," said Thompson.  "We're not getting them."

Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak wants action from Premier Dalton McGuinty. 

"He's got to cancel it.  He's got to keep his word. Every day he delays it costs us — the taxpayer — more and more," said Hudak.

A government spokesman was unable to explain why work is still happening at the Mississauga site but says the government is in talks with the developer about moving the plant elsewhere.