The Canadian National Exhibition has confirmed that there will be no Youth Day this year.

The CNE says that while last year's violence factored into the decision to nix the program, it's not the only reason.

A spokesperson says the CNE reviews its programs and policies every year and decided a better strategy would be to expand youth programming across all 18 days rather than have one focused day.

CNE Sign

A brand new sign is up at The Ex for this year's CNE. (CNE)

A series of fights prompted organizers to shut down the event last year. Police were called in and among those arrested were a 17-year-old charged with drug possession and two 16-year-olds charged with assaulting a peace officer. One of the 16-year-olds was also charged with failing to comply with recognizance.

There are discounted prices available at this year's fair from Monday to Thursday after 5 p.m. and "Toonie Mondays" for kids under 13.

Gaming garages and concerts with headliners intended to attract younger crowds are also part of the exhibition's new youth programming.   

The previous Youth Day offered discounted prices for anyone under 19. Critics have taken to social media to argue that taking away Youth Day removes a much-needed service.