A Toronto Maple Leafs fan isn’t giving up on his goal to turn the CN Tower into the world’s largest goal light during the upcoming Stanley Cup playoffs.

Earlier this week Scott Booth started a petition that implores CN Tower officials to light the tower red — in a manner that resembles a goal light — whenever the Leafs score. His online petition had more than 18,700 signatures.

The idea was possibly inspired by a Budweiser beer campaign that sells the Internet-enabled goal lights for use at home. Whenever your favourite team scores, the light automatically lights up.

CN Tower officials issued a statement this week saying the CN Tower's lights would show support for the Leafs by turning blue and white for most game days. The statement doesn’t directly address Booth’s goal light idea but alludes to other commitments for the tower’s elaborate, programmable lighting system.

"It’s obvious that this is what the fans want," said Booth. "I don’t know why they won’t jump on it. The only bad things people have had to say are from Habs fans," he said. "I guess that’s kind of a testament that it’s working."


Leafs fan Scott Booth can't understand why the CN Tower won't support his plan to turn the tower into a giant goal light during the NHL playoffs. (CBC)

Budweiser, the company behind the take home goal lights, is offering its support for Booth’s campaign. Others have stepped up to support the plan, including Leafs forward Nazem Kadri who called the idea "genius" in this Twitter message: