Toronto struggles to register for city rec programs, gripes on social media

Many Torontonians scrambled Wednesday morning to get their youngsters enrolled in highly sought-after city recreational programs while some turned to social media to vent their complaints.

Critics turn to Twitter after mayor admits online enrolment system needs major work

Even with the many delays online, Toronto's recreation department says registration figures were quite strong Wednesday morning. (Mike Crawley/CBC)

Many Torontonians scrambled Wednesday morning to get their youngsters enrolled in highly sought-after city recreational programs while some turned to social media to vent their complaints.

Mayor John Tory appeared on CBC Radio's Metro Morning early in the day and spoke about the system the city uses for online registrations.

He admitted the digital platform was out of date and needed significant improvements. He previously vowed to completely overhaul the 18-year-old computer software by next year.

Despite the mayor's interest in staying on top of the issue, his words couldn't stop people from voicing their concerns on Twitter as they struggled, often unsuccessfully, to get their kids registered.

Using #TOrec, critics told city officials what improvements could be made in order to potentially make their lives easier.

Even with the many delays online, the city's recreation department said the number of sign ups were quite strong as the districts of Old Toronto and East York launched their registrations.

The mayor said people are willing to wait because the programs are worth it. One man breathed out a big sigh of relief when he was able to sign up his child for a city program. 

Unfortunately for CBC reporter Mike Crawley, not everyone had an easy time signing up.

Torontonians can only hope the city takes note of their recommendations and makes improvements for next year.


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