Chef teaches the joy of cooking with nitrogen

Chef John Placko demonstrates molecular gastronomy to students at Thistletown Collegiate Institute.

John Placko gives lessons in molecular gastronomy

Students at a Rexdale high school get a special lesson in 'molecular cuisine.' 1:56

Chef John Placko of likes his caviar made of fruit. 

Placko is a molecular cuisine chef who teaches a type of gastronomy that's like cooking with science. He looks at ingredients and studies how he can transform their chemical properties to create new flavours and textures.

Placko uses substances like liquid nitrogen and carbon dioxide to change everyday foods into different forms, like foams or liquids.

Culinary students at Thistletown Collegiate Institute and seven other schools recently took in a demonstration of Placko's unusual approach to cooking. 

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From a report by Debbie Lightle-Quan