On any given Wednesday, homicide victim Ceyon Carrington would spend his evening at Regent Park Community Centre teaching kids to play basketball, a friend says.

Not long after doing so this week, he was found in an alley near Queen Street East and Carlaw Avenue with multiple gunshot wounds.

In the days following his murder on Wednesday night, Carrington's friends are remembering him as an older-brother-figure and loving father.

"He was always laughing, helping out the kids, always giving back to the community," said 17-year-old Shandel Bailey, a friend of Carrington.

Bailey, who says she's spent the last few days mourning the loss of the man she considered an older brother, says the news of Carrington's death was a shock.


Friends of Carrington posted his photo on social media Thursday and said he was the victim of a fatal shooting in the Carlaw Avenue and Queen Street East area Wednesday night. (Mustafathepoet/Instagram)

"I was just with him; it was hard for me to realize he just got shot," said Bailey, whose own brother Tyson was best friends with Carrington's younger brother and was killed in a stairwell just three years ago.

Carrington, a Regent Park resident and rapper who went by the nickname "C-Sick" was found in an alleyway at Carlaw Avenue and Queen Street East. Police are saying little about the incident except to say that they are looking for a male wearing dark clothing and a dark-coloured vehicle that was seen driving south from the scene.

Before being gunned down himself, Carrington faced charges of first-degree murder in connection with a shooting at Toronto's Garden Restaurant in November 2014, an incident that left one dead and two others injured.

Police said Carrington, who had no previous history before the incident, was identifiable in video surveillance captured from that night, but there was insufficient evidence to convict him and the charges against him were stayed.

"It's a tragedy," Carrington's lawyer Monte MacGregor told CBC News Friday.

"He had spent a significant amount of time in custody for the very first time, being charged with the most serious offence in the country and then in less than a year or two, succumbed to such a violent offence."


The lawyer for Ceyon Carrington, says it's unknown if his client's murder had any connection with the 2014 Garden Restaurant shooting that left one dead and two others injured, but that if it does, it wouldn't be the first time witnesses were at risk of harm because of a prosecution. (CBC)

MacGregor said it's too soon to know what led to Carrington's death on Wednesday night or whether it had any connection to the 2014 incident.

"It sounds like it was a brazen attack," MacGregor said. But if the incidents were linked in some way, he said, "it wouldn't be the first time in the city that witnesses were at risk of harm or subject to harm because of a prosecution."

"He was a super-friendly guy, very easy going. He was a father, he was committed to his son," MacGregor said.

That same impression remains with Bailey, who said Carrington came to her family's home often.

"Ceyon is like a brother to me," she said. "Today is Good Friday; he would have been here today. He would have been here, I know it."