What do Canada's future voters care about?

During CBC's national outreach event #CBCAsks, a joint initiative with Student Vote, high school students sounded off on their worries about paying for post-secondary education and job prospects. 

Some 100 high school students at East York C.I. gathered Thursday morning to discuss the prevailing issues and concerns they have over the 2015 federal election, including a feeling of being ignored by the federal party leaders.

"We are the future leaders of our country," said Grade 11 student Wasifa Noshin. "We get to pick who runs the government, we have the decision, we have a say." 

"Listen to the youth. They're important, they're who's going to run this country," echoed Grade 12 student Tye Joseph. 

CBC personalities, including CBC Toronto's Matt Galloway, Mike Wise and Shannon Martin, encouraged and facilitated the conversation. 

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