Nearly 75 years after Casa Loma served as an undercover research centre for anti-submarine detection technology, the castle is offering a game that takes you back to those days.

"You must find the coordinates of the enemy's U-boats and communicate their location to our allies. You have 60 minutes to complete your missions and escape the tower. Will you escape?" the Casa Loma game's creators ask online.

Escape from the Tower is the name of the game and tickets are sold out until December.

"We're recreating some of the history, some of the intrigue of Casa Loma," Nick Di Donato of Liberty Entertainment Group told CBC News. "Based on the history of what went on here, it's a great game.

"Only 10 per cent of the players can transmit the code to the Allies and escape the building."

For a sneak peek at the game, check out the video above.