Toronto police are looking for a suspect in a carjacking after a woman was forced to give up her car at gunpoint near Dufferin Street and Lawrence Avenue West on Saturday.

The suspect is believed to be armed.

Staff Sgt. Bruce Newman, of Toronto Police Service's 13 Division, said police were called to 40 Playfair Avenue at about 4:40 p.m. for a report of a carjacking.

Newman said police believe the suspect, a man, was driving a car with two flat tires on Highway 400 before the incident occurred and that he drove into 13 Division.

"He was basically driving on the rims," he said.

Toronto paramedics followed the vehicle after it entered the city because the car was being driven erratically and it had obvious damage, Newman said. 

The car also caught the attention of other drivers.

Paramedics followed car out of concern

Evert Steenge, deputy commander of Toronto Paramedic Services, said Sunday that paramedics followed the car because it was being driven in "a concerning manner." He said paramedics notified police about the vehicle.

Steenge confirmed that paramedics were on the scene when the car was abandoned but could not say if they witnessed the carjacking.

Police believe the suspect abandoned the vehicle on Playfair Avenue, then allegedly carjacked another vehicle, a Black Dodge Caravan with the licence plate BVXP 766.

Newman said a woman driving the vehicle that was carjacked was not injured. Paramedics did not transport anyone to hospital.

The suspect was seen with a firearm at some point during the incident. Police tweeted that the suspect pointed his gun at other people.

Police do not believe the suspect is the registered owner of the car that was abandoned. 

Samsul Hassan

Samsul Hassan, a limousine driver, said he saw the suspect get out of his vehicle and put a gun into his pants. (Supplied)

Samsul Hassan, a limousine driver, said he was waiting for a tow truck for his limo that was stuck in mud when he heard noise that sounded like a car accident.

The suspect abandoned his car behind the limo. Hassan then saw the suspect get out of his vehicle.

At that point, he said he saw the suspect put a gun into his pants and heard him tell people nearby to stay where they are.

"It was a long gun. The cops said it was a shotgun type thing. It was very scary. At first, I was trying to take a video, but then, I saw the gun. Then I just got really scared," Hassan said.

"I thought it was like a gang fight."

Hassan went into a nearby hall, warned the people inside about the armed man and called 911. He went outside and talked to the woman whose car was stolen.

"There was a lady there who was so nervous," he said. "She was really scared."

The suspect is described a thin black male, in his 20s, about six foot one, with dreadlocks, and was wearing a red Blue Jays "Bautista" jersey.